Sunday, August 31, 2008

Anxiety dreams

Friday night: dreamed that I had giant zits in five different places on my face.

Saturday night: dreamed that the waterline into the house was broken and flooding the basement and when I finally got it shut off, I had no water for days.



Becs said...

I hate anxiety dreams. Be careful you don't advance to the next stage, which for me is big blotchy strawberry red marks all over my body.

Mike from Eerie who has strange dreams too said...

On the other hand sleep apnea induced dreams are extremely interesting - I had one where I was living in England and learning to sell real estate.

I don't get it either.

Romantic Heretic said...

*HUGS* Jammies.

Things will calm down soon.

smason357 said...

Santa has had nightmares 2 nights in a row. Just what are you 2 up to?

Jammies said...

Becs, for me it's itchy hives. Thankfully, the book got done without me having said hives.

Mike, do you have a deep-seated desire to be selling real estate in a foreign country?

Rob, thanks and they have.

Z, I will cease influencing your beloved with my terrible sleep rays as soon as I figure out how I'm doing it!