Monday, August 11, 2008

I am so tired of the drama.

Not people, the weather. In the last week, four thunderstorms have come through my little city. There has been enough thunder to scare Littlefoot into trying to live inside my right pant leg, enough lightning to fry every piece of electronics on my street, and less than one inch of rain. It's frustrating when I think I'm going to get a night off of watering, but after all the sound and fury I still have to get outside with the hose.

Stupid global weirding.

On the other hand, my tomatoes are coming along nicely, and when they are ripe, it will be time to take the last pound of thick-cut peppered bacon out of the freezer and cook it up for sammiches.


Anonymous said...

Good news, there are thunderstorms predicted for the next 7 days or so. I shall do my best to direct them to you when I am finished with them.

Romantic Heretic said...

Weird. We've been getting tons of rain here in Toronto.

Want me to send you some? ;)

Scott said...


Sherri said...

What Scott Said. We should have brought some of that holy goodness back with us.

Becs said...

Ah, maters. The essence of summer. A fried egg on white bread with mayo and a big slab of tomato. Bliss.

Jammies said...

Gosh, used thunderstorms or used rain. Thanks, you two. :P

Scott, this is reeeeeally good bacon, too.

Sherri, do you not have Giant Eagle stores down there?

Becs, while I agree with you on the essence of summer, I can't get past the fried egg or the mayo. :S