Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Very belated JammiesFest Photo Album

But first, a quick thanks to anyone or anything who may be watching over my friends, as Zayrina came through her surgery just fine today and called to talk to me while under the influence of good drugs.

On to the pictures!

Cantina de Jammies:

Bikini Chicken:

Mariachi Coco, home of the white chili con queso Imp dreams of:

Final group picture on the last day of JammiesFest:


Romantic Heretic said...

Good memories. :)

And that chili con queso is wonderful.

Sherri said...

Have to find a recipe for it to bring to Imp.

rogue said...

Your puppy does not have on a happy face. Did you not share the chili con queso?

Fred da megalomanical chickn said...

dat is one sexy lookin chickn....