Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weird dream

As a rule, I don't remember my dreams. When I do, it's most often because the dream was bizarre. Today's nap dream was no exception.

I was in a wedding party. The bride's father was a dirty old man who kept hitting on the youngest and blondest bridesmaid, the one who worked at Sephora. There were seven or eight bridesmaids, all young and blonde, except for me and the matron of honor. As matron of honor, Sherri wore a sleeveless mauve satin dress, and her light red hair was all styled so it tumbled to her waist in these beautiful curls. As we dressed for the wedding, Sherri and the bride, Sabrina (wearing ivory satin brocade) expressed shock and horror at the volume of grey in my hair, and planned to dye it, with me still in my bridesmaid's dress, when we got to the dressing rooms in the church. They saw no difficulty with time or the fact that I was wearing a fancy dress, what they argued about was what color my hair should be. Then Bigfoot stuck his cold wet nose in my face and woke me up so I could serve his dinner.

Odd, that.

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Mike From Eerie said...

Did you invite me to this wedding?