Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Overdoing has its price

I'm pretty sore today, owing to multiple trips to the basement Sunday and yesterday. Then yesterday afternoon, Doc came and took me shopping. We hit Yankee candle, where I bought a huge stash of tarts and tealights, and then to BJ's Wholesale, followed by a quick trip to Giant Eagle. I was not impressed with Giant Eagle, which took over Tops last year. Poor selection in some important (to me) areas. If you want to carry only two kinds of cleanser, fine, but one of 'em better be my brand, and it wasn't. *grump*

On a more serious note, I have been pondering since I got yesterday's mail. In the mail was a note from a friend. She's a "work friend" rather than a close friend, and I was very surprised when she confided in me that she got divorced last August, and hasn't told anyone but a counselor. I've been writing and re-writing my return letter in my head, trying to get it just right. It may take a while.

Here's what I have so far. Comments & suggestions are welcome.

Dear X, Thank you, both for the compliment about my bravery, and for your
trust in confiding in me. I am honored beyond saying that you would share this
news with me, and of course I will respect your privacy. However, I want to make
sure you know that I am here any time you need someone to talk to. We could even
stick with written correspondence, and you'd never have to discuss anything.

Although my relationship with [Fartface Ex] was nowhere near as long as
yours with [former Mr. X], I do know the heartbreak which comes from one person
refusing to admit that there are problems in a relationship. That kind of
blindness is extremely destructive, and while I don't know all the details, I
think you did the right thing. I wish this hadn't happened to you, and I
certainly hope that your life moves upward from here.

If you would like me to tell [mutual friend I thought she was closer to
than me] what happened, I will do so, otherwise, I will not say anything to
anyone. I am tremendously complimented by your trust in me, and will not breach
it. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to let me know.



Rob said...

Gentle *HUGS*, Jammies.

Don't push yourself too hard. We want you well again.

Nice letter to your friend. It hits just the right notes.

KLN said...

Hey, take it easy there kiddo.

As for the letter, I'm being contrarian, and I wouldn't send it. Tell her how you feel in a face-to-face conversation, not in a letter. And I would NEVER volunteer to be the the bearer of anyone's important news. You are stepping into a big black hole and you have no idea how that could end up.

Just my pennies . . .

Mike From Eerie said...

It is a good letter, and you probably have sent it already, but i agree with KLN - I would at least have reworded the last paragraph.

I can see it now though:

"Dear Jammies - advice to the lovelorn"