Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Perfect Day

The sun is shining, it's warm enough to have windows open, the house is almost completely clean, the laundry is done and put away, I've got a pink carnation wax tart from Beaded Hemp melting on the breezeway, an Emerald City Cake tart from Whiff & Sniff candles melting in the study, there are clean sheets on the bed and most, if not all, of the new daffodils I planted are sprouting. I'm especially excited to see all of the pink & white daffs coming up in the circular bed I started in the front yard.

Plus, Amy came over this morning, and I got to get her started on tarts. I sent her home with a tart burner and samples of all of my tarts from Beaded Hemp, Yankee Candle and Skindecent, plus some perfume samples from BH and some bath truffles from Skindecent. She gave me $40 worth of Border's gift cards, and my Amazon order arrived yesterday, so the library is now up to 1,752 books with more on the way when I get a chance to spend the cards.

In my near future, I see a strawberry-lemonade bath and an afternoon nap on clean sheets scented with lavender, while the windows are open and the curtains flutter in the breeze. Then when I wake up, there will be a hot cup of coffee and an evening spent sorting gifts for my secret swappee from the Lush message board, and a surprise or two for friends.

*sigh of absolute contentment*

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Sherri said...

It's almost hot here, I am doing much laundry and shoe polishing, there is good cheese and better chocolate in the refridgerator and a trip to Target in the offing. I slept until past noon today, which was utter decadence, and there is a good breeze blowing.