Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Oh, my aching butt!

I need to rebuild my tuchis calluses. After four weeks off work, I'm no longer suited to sitting in a semi-comfortable office chair for eight hours at a stretch. Granted, I'm never actually in the chair for more than thirty minutes before I have to get up and make a copy, dig something out of a file or go help Bosstopus discover the wonders of her hard drive, but it's still pretty much sitting.

Yesterday and today were pretty much a matter of jumping right in to the deep end of the pool. We have three accountings to finish up, two Medicaid applications in progress, one estate to start, two JWROS affidavits to complete and file, and a domestic clients clamoring for attention.

Two of the accountings are sorted, but I have to go through two fat files and find one lone bank statement for the third, and we are still waiting on evaluations by doctors for annual guardian's reports. Sadly, most doctors who accept Medicaid compensate for the ridiculously small amount of money they receive per patient by increasing the number of patients they have, and so detail stuff, like annual evaluations, goes by the wayside.

Even though my butt and my brain are both sore from the unaccustomed exercise, I'm glad to be back, and Bosstopus is glad to have me back. I think Vegan Lawyer & Goldilocks are too. :-)

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Sherri said...

Or buy an inflatable cushion :)