Sunday, December 03, 2006


I've been working flat-out since 9 this morning, and every single room in this house is a MESS. Between yesterday and today, I emptied twenty boxes of crap which were hiding behind the boxes of books; washed everything I want to keep; created a box for Goodwill and hauled lots of crap out to the garage for disposal on Thursday night. Today, I've washed, dried, folded and put away 3 loads of laundry; I have one in the washer and one in the dryer and four left to go. I've vacuumed the library; changed my bedskirt and comforter to my Christmas ones; changed the sheets on the bed and run the dishwasher.

However, I still haven't scrubbed the tub, toilet and sink, vacuumed anywhere but in the library, swept & mopped the kitchen floor, taken out the compost or rearranged the living room furniture the way I want it. I think my problem is that I keep doing bits and pieces of chores, so they never seem to be done.

I need a break, so it's naptime for a while. Then I will go right back to work. Monday is looking pretty good right now.


Scott said...

You call this clean? [Cracks whip.]

Jammies said...

Eep! Nossir!

*runs back to work*

P.S. It works better if you use a real whip instead of a string of licorice. ;-)

Scott said...

Edible whips, now there's an idea whose time has come.

Jay Jacobs said...

you've been one active troll there hon!

now if only Sherri and I could find ourselves a house elf... then we could be as tidied up as you!

"Ifspy"... sounds like a good little house elf name to me!