Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas tag

From the lovely Guin. It's a simple tag, asking for Christmas lists. Here are my top ten wishes, in no particular order:

1. A copy of everything Terry Pratchett has written.

2. Enough money to give my friend Snicker a huge tract of land and a no-kill shelter on it.

3. Someone to go with me when I kidnap certain dogs I've seen spending their lives on chains and deliver them to said no-kill shelter.

4. A new car. Nothing fancy, a new Saturn wagon would be lovely.

5. A Lush store in Akron, and funds for several years' worth of spending therein.

6. For a friend to get an acceptance to college in Canada, tuition funds for said friend, and vacation money for he and his wife to visit here and for me to visit them in Toronto.

7. For my brother to get his job in Akron, followed by his wife finding a job here and then them moving here with my adorable nieces.

8. For my friends and family to live forever.

9. Ditto #8 for my dogs.

10. Enough money to add a deck and some extra square footage on to my house, and to add my dream bathroom in the new footage.

Sherri, Jay, Brendan, and Scott may all consider themselves tagged. :-p


Sherri said...

Ever obedient am I.

Scott said...

Grrr! [Shakes fist in outrage.]

Sherri said...

Oh feh. Like that's supposed to be scary or something.

brendan said...

Not sure if mine will fit down the chimney, but anyway...

Jammies said...

Thank you all. If you're nice to me, I may remove the radio collars later. ;)

Tim Horton said...

i can see it now - the first combination Tim Horton's/Lush store... (hey if they can have KFC/Taco Bells)

Jay Jacobs said...

OUCH!!! you TAGGED me?!? *looking at the dart in my ass* you bitch!

*limping off to figure out what to put in my LJ*