Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So much for Wednesday

This was supposed to be my night to gloat over all the stuff I've done, and post pictures of all my neato bath products I've made since Sunday. Since the slugs are totally kicking my ass today, I decided just to post some pics of the brats.


Sherri said...

I wanna know how you managed to give ME slugs. Yup, showed up 40 minutes ago.

Jay Jacobs said...

Jiffy-pop-butt is adorable.

giant mootant beardog, friend of jammies said...

dey is not brats!!!!

KLN said...

Such cute pups!

Canuck Girl said...


Me loves puppies.

Anonymous said...

Good looking dogs, Jammies.

And I am not a big dog fan. ;)


Jammies said...

Sherri--my profoundest apologies.

Jay, yes, he is, and he knows it.

Mike, yes, they are and you know it.

K, see my response to Jay.

Heather, I miss you!

Rob, on behalf of the brats, thank you. ;-)