Thursday, November 30, 2006

A meme from the Leptard and his buddy Brendan:

"[P]ost a comment and I'll give you a letter if you ask nice. Then list ten things that you like that begin with that letter. It's all about the loose letters, round here..."

Brendan gave me the letter "P," so here's my list of ten, in no particular order:

Peppermint puffs from King Leo Candy--pure sugar and peppermint oil. Yum.

"Pink" by Aerosmith.

Fiction by Sara Paretsky, Robert Parker, Anne Perry, Elizabeth Peters and Terry Pratchett.

Posting on message boards like the Great Escape, the CyberSoapBox and the Chat House.


Packages from friends.

Plush animals, particularly bears.



Products from Lush.


brendan said...

Thanks for playing, O Jammie-ness.

Jammies said...

Thank you for allowing me to play. :-)

KLN said...

I'm playing, and I also passed the needle. Thanks, Jammicus ;-)

Jammies said...

You're very welcome, Ms. K. :-D