Sunday, November 05, 2006


I am so blessed in my friends. Many of you know that I got my trust and my heart broken, so I'm not going to go into that again. I just wanted to say thank you to all of the wonderful people who have supported me.

Mallie, who put up with me all day at the expense of her NaNo writing.
Rob and EA and Mark, who offered to beat up the guy who hurt me (or in one case, to "nuke Chicago").
The Scarecrow, who let me see that he does have a brain, he just hides it from most folks.
Mat and SJ and EL and Selena, who said they'd miss me.
Roxanne, who tried her best to make me stay, and accepted it (eventually) when I said I can't.
Mike, who offered hugs and changed his Yahoo av to cheer me up (I :heart: Pooter).
Vella & Lucky, who tried to figure out a way to get me to Texas for Turkey Day.

I am humbled and grateful to find that I have so many wonderful and supportive friends, and I hope that I shall deserve them someday.

Oh, and to the one who said, "I hope someday you will let me be your friend again," there is only one possible answer:

In your dreams, fuckwaffle.


Scott said...

Run over him with a steamroller! You don't deserve this kind of nonsense. Jetison the garbage and keep moving forward.

Alessia Brio said...

That's FRIENDS, dear. *girl-kiss*

Jay Jacobs said...

Your troll is showing, dear... tuck her back in *grin*

such language!

Sherri said...

I would venture to say he was never really a friend, for friends don't do this kind of shit. Therefore, he can never be a friend again, having not been one in the first place.

Which is a shame, because you are well worth having as a friend. Wasted opportunities.

The Booty Llama said...

Just remember, it's not too late to order his death. I can can call my cousing Vito . . . he's a llama that can hit a man with a lethal spit bomb at a hundred paces. It's really gross to watch really.

Damn putz-bucket.


These are not the dorks you're looking for . . .

Jammies said...

Scott, I think that's the first comment you've ever left me. Thanks! :-)

You're right, Alessia. *returns girl-kisses* I have FRIENDS.

*blush* Sorry about the troll, darlin'--I'll shove her back under her bridge.

Sherri, you are an example of how to be a FRIEND and I :heart: you.

Fuzzy, I can't afford your cousin Vito owing to the spike in white chocolate prices. :eek: But *nuzzles and nose-pats* for you!

Anonymous said...

*HUGS* sweetie.

Canuck Girl said...


I'll show him what protective little blonde firends can do in the name of those they care about!

Sorry I have been so absent...

Jammies said...

Uh-oh. I'm going to need some help to restrain the Heather...



You've been absent because you have a LIFE, kiddo--everyone who adores you understands that!

Jett said...

*ahem* You also have a little sister who loves you very much, silly one. I miss you. *kisses*

Jammies said...

Miss you too, sweetness! *smooch*