Saturday, April 09, 2011

spring. oh yay.

Signs of spring at Casa de Jammies:

Dandelions and nettles sprouting.

Allergies sprouting.

Trash all over the front yard from selfish pigs driving by.

The juvenile idiots next door revving their crotch rockets for hours on end.

Spastic robins fighting with their reflections in the living room window.

The damn dog running through the house barking at the last two.

On the other hand, I did get to go outside and clean up last year's leaves. One-half of the flowerbed along the front sidewalk is cleaned up, and if the weather holds, I can do the other half tomorrow morning. Plus I get to have open windows in the house, and dream about having enough money to mulch everything this year.

The yard is still paying for my spring of grief over Bigfoot, but I'm trying to get things back together. I'm also trying to figure out what happened to my lemon balm, which sprouted all over in its container on the front porch last summer and did well on the breezeway this winter, but is currently dying off in great swathes right now. It's a puzzle.

Another puzzle is what the heck has happened to my skin, which is suddenly dry and lizard-y. I haven't changed anything about the amount of water I drink or the amount of baths I take or the amount of moisturizer I use, but I am suddenly a leezard.

It drives me crazy that there is so much at work I can't talk about here, but even if I have fewer than ten readers, it's still a public website, and client confidentiality has to be respected.

Ah well, scales and puzzled brain and muzzled fingers and all, I'm still alive, still finding my little pleasures, and still haven't gone completely nuts, so I'm good.


Sherri said...

Weird about the skin, but age does make changes, as I am rapidly discovering.

It is TREE SPUNK EVERYWHERE right now. Great yellow swaths of the stuff all over the car and the house and up my nose and...well, you know.

I have leedle seeds poking up above the dirt here!

Lanie said...

have enjoyed reading some of your blogs... I'm new to this.. only just starting.. what an adventure this will be. Good luck. I can relate the skin thing as well.. I think allergies play a part. :)

Jammies said...

True, Sherri, but I find I'm not so much aging as petrifying. ;) Sorry about the tree spunk, but yay for seedlings!

Hi Lanie, thank you for dropping by. :)