Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Dear Copier Salesman,

Yes, I did have to unlock the door when you showed up at 4:55.

Yes, I was working late, and so was my employer.

Yes, we had spent the entire day on trial prep.

Yes, trial prep sucks and we have had to do far too much of it the last three weeks.

Yes, I really really meant it when I said that we were fine as far as copying, scanning, etc. go.

Yes, it gave me unadulterated, vicious pleasure to close the door in your face when you wouldn't shut up.

Yes, I would have slammed the door if it weren't 112 years old.

So thank you for giving me that one glorious moment in my day.

Love and kisses,



Romantic Heretic said...

It's the little things in life that give us real pleasure. *grin*

Sherri said...

Wee hee hee!

I like the epistolary turn around here :)

Jammies said...

Rob, you'd have loved it.

Sherri, we need to do an epistolary story together!