Monday, November 23, 2009

Two stupid things

Last Wednesday, I went out to get lunch. As I was leaving the parking lot, Maresche's TC pulled out from the parking space beside me and also headed out. Before I pulled out, I took a minute to make sure I had my wallet with me, and then drove out of the parking lot. At the top of the hill, there was a tan van over to one side with its flashers on. I thought it was M'sTC, and pulled up next to the van, leaning over to roll down my passenger-side window and ask if she needed a hand.

A very odd-looking gentleman glared at me, and I straightened up and drove to Zoup. Whoops.

That evening, Mom and I met for our last water-walking class before she left for Texas. Afterwards, I had to get some stuff out of her car. She told me approximately where she was parked, and that everything was in the back seat on the driver's side. It was dark and rainy when class ended, and I headed for my car, started it up and drove up the aisle I thought Mom was parked in. A woman with light-colored hair and a dark sweatshirt came out of the Natatorium, used a remote to unlock a silver Passat and got in. I pulled up behind the Passat, blocking it in, and put on my hazards and put the car in park. I had actually gotten out of my car and had my hand on the driver's side door when a stranger rolled down the driver's window and said "What...?" I apologized profusely, jumped into my car, and went to rows over, where I actually found my mom. I still feel bad for scaring that poor woman, but what are the odds of doing essentially the same stupid thing twice in one day?

Only me...


Zayrina said...

Suffering sillygoositis.

Jammies said...

Yes, but at least I'm amusing my friends with it. ;)