Tuesday, November 03, 2009


1. Only one person at work got my redshirt costume without me having to explain it. Clearly, Hyphenated Corp. is nerd-deficient.

2. On the other hand, Maresche's team was totally awesome in their matching costumes of pink slips, and a few people had to have that one explained to them.

3. I got my first 100% perfect senior editor check today. Now I just have to keep that up for 17 more days.

4. Between now and November 20, our last-day-to-manufacturing deadline, I have nine books/16 volumes to finish and build.

5. Last night at water-walking, I was thinking dire thoughts about whoever was wearing the perfume with a top note of a fleshy white floral and a bottom note of melted plastic when Mom complimented me on the whiff of pretty scent she got when I passed her. Thank you, BPAL.

6. Sometime when I am feeling less lazy, I will get the pics of my Halloween manicure and costume off my camera and post them.

7. It's not my story to tell, and I'm fine, but could anyone with some spare good thoughts aim them at Philadelphia? I'm feeling particularly helpless and clutching at straws.


Zayrina said...

Piccies, I demand Piccies!

Jammies said...

Then feel free to stop by and get the pics off my camera. I'm feeling too lazy. :P