Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Instead of working for Hyphenated Co. this weekend, I spent a big part of Saturday working with Mom on an accounting. Then I cleaned and semi-tidied Casa de Jammies on Sunday morning, and Sunday afternoon, my friend Bun arrived for a too-short visit. She and her very handsome, very dignified, very sweet GSD/Husky/Malamute mix stopped in Ohio on their way from New York to California. SuperDeor and Littlefoot got along quite well for the most part, but Little Miss was a little too in-Deor's-face for him to be really comfortable. He remained sweet and dignified, if a wee bit anxious.

Thanks to a little Momguilt (Oh noes! You'll be alone on Thanksgiving!), I didn't have to cook dinner. Bun and I were invited to a full Thanksgiving dinner at my folks' house, and Mom sent home a barrel of leftovers. I made Jan Hagels, took two to Mom & Dad, sent a few with Bun as travelsnacks, and took the rest to work, where they were eagerly snarfed by my stressed-out co-workers.

Two more days, seven books.

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Anonymous said...

Love your stuff! And you...
Curmudgeon. ;-)