Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pity party

I'm seeck. I have a nasty chest cold that I am trying to keep from becoming bronchitis. As part of my effort to do this, I am giving up the two vacation days I was trying to hoard for next year in order to stay home the rest of this week. That means no visit to Sherri next March or April. :(

Here at Casa de Jammies, there is much misery and even more grossness, so I will spare my three or four readers and just say that I shall see you when I am better.


Sherri said...

*sigh* We will find a way to bring you South.

Be kind to your lungs, darlin, and get well soon!

Romantic Heretic said...

Sending lots of healing vibes your way, Jammies. *HUGS*

Becs said...

Feel better soon. I advise cocoa, furry critters, and a blanky on the couch while watching "Wuthering Heights"

herrad said...

Take care and keep warm and happy
Have a happy Winter Solstice and a great Christmas.




the queen said...

Oh noes! Seeck!
Get better.

Alessia Brio said...

Hope you're feeling better by now! *girlkisses*