Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Solstice!

It's nice to know that the days are once more getting longer. Of course, so are the lines leaving the shopping center nearest me, where I had to go buy a new tie-out chain for the 'Foots. *rolls eyes* I do wish people wouldn't make left-hand turns out of the back parking lot--I spent eleven minutes waiting for idiots who only thought that they'd skip a light and not about the fact that ALL of the traffic at two lights was against them.

Work was tiring today, even though it was entirely sedentary. I'm still not 100% over this chest cold, and it was a long day. By the time I got to PetSmart, I was doing a pretty good job of feeling sorry for myself. As the cashier rang me up, she asked, "So how are you doing today?" and I nearly said, "Crappy, thanks." Then a tiny bit of empathy poked its way out of the rocks in my head, and I thought, "I may have been sick, but I'm not working freaking retail three days before Christmas!"

Of course, at the speed it takes me to think these days, the chain had been rung up, my cash tendered and the change handed back to me.

So to Sharon, at the Chapel Hill PetSmart, thank you for asking, thank you for being cheerful, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. I wasn't being surly, I'm just slow.


Sherri said...

1) Hug
2) Yay Jammies
3) what did the 'Foots do to the Chain?

Jammies said...

1) Hugs back
2) Took me too long to realize I was being a brat, so no yay.
3) Wasn't the 'Foots' fault. I replace the chain about once a year because Ohio makes things rust, even airplane cable inside heavy-duty plastic coating!

Romantic Heretic said...

*HUGS* Jammies.

Merry Christmas. :)