Thursday, January 04, 2007


Quick edit for those family members that read my blog:

Dad has not been told that the doc used the "c" word. He's out of state, he can't do anything but worry, and the odds are very good the ultrasound will show nothing of the sort long before he comes home. So no letting cats out of bags, hmmm? Thanks.

This morning, I went to see my new doctor. First of all, yay for the eye candy--he's quite attractive. Second, double yay for the fact that he believes I am old enough to make my own decisions about offspring and the not having of them.

He did tell me that my insurance won't pay for a hysterectomy if he doesn't do some tests first to prove that I need it, so I'm scheduled for an ultrasound next Thursday afternoon. He's also a bit concerned about the possibility of endometrial cancer, and a bit bothered that my previous OB/Gyn hadn't done an ultrasound since 2004. I didn't expect him to remember doing my emergency surgery in 2002, but I did let him know about it so he can check his own files, and he said, "I'm good at taking things out."

I like this guy--he's straightforward, clear, concerned, has a sense of humor and is on my side. In a week, I should have an idea about the scheduling of the hysterectomy.


Anonymous said...

Hippy yippy hurray hurray!

Where shall we send the cookies and flowers to this marvel of mankind? ;)

snicker said...

When I am feeling philosopmorical, I hope we don't need these organs we have removed to gain access to the next level, afterlife as it were. It's really going to suck if St. Pete says, "sorry, can't let you in without that gallbladder...", suck indeed. Ask for a specimen jar just in case.

Oh, and this is one more thing for me to be jealous of. Good thing I am petty and up for it. :P

Jay Jacobs said...

what, you didn't use a camera phone to take some hunky-doc pics?!? Jammies!!!!

Jammies said...

Erm, because I don't have a camera phone? :p