Sunday, January 24, 2016

Some days I wish I were a dog

Little Miss Piggie Pie is sleeping on the floor by my chair, blissfully ignorant of the nasty things called "consequences" which have plagued me all day.  It's not that they don't apply to her, just that she doesn't think that far ahead.

Ignore your laundry for two weeks, get a Horta on the basement floor (image courtesy of Mallie)
Smoke for 35 years, have lung issues.
Quit smoking, gain 11 pounds.
Sleep on an 18 year old mattress, have a sore back.

Nothing horrible, nothing earth-shaking, just irritating, especially because it's my own fricking fault.


Murphy Jacobs said...

Yeah, it's all true. But at least you have some ability to change. Start watching for those mattress sales! Find a way to keep moving because moving is your friend. You know how to do all of this. Of course, it takes spoons and I know you are as low on spoons as I am, but maybe it's time to redistribute the spoons.

You are too important to me to not find a way. *hug*

Jammies said...

I am still keeping on, and oddly enough (since it is Monday) in a better frame of mind today. ::hugs::

Emma Major said...

Oh yes, me as well, how nice would it be to truly live in the moment and to see the best in it all. I try, but I fail every day
Be more dog. I wish.