Thursday, August 22, 2013

*le sigh*

So after Mouse scared me to death with his pacing and panting and we did the flying panic run to the vet hospital, the Tramadol has worked freaking miracles and while his foot is still paralyzed and/or numb, he's back to bouncing when I get home, and mostly eating okay.  I wish Tramadol were this much help for the e-bro of my e-sis!

I had an appointment today for an oil change, and although I have an appointment elsewhere on Saturday for a muffler estimate, I told the mechanic that yes, he could give me a quote on the muffler.  He poked, prodded, hemmed and hawed and finally told me I needed a complete new exhaust system AND all new front brakes, and it would be around $1300.

Rationally, I know that if I go to a brake place and to the muffler place, it will probably cost less than that, I'm thinking it won't be much less than that, and considering I've got about $250 in savings right now, I'm feeling particularly depressed about money tonight.  Do I want to pour $1300 I'd have to borrow into a 16 year old car, or borrow a whole lot more to buy a new one?

*le sigh*


girlygirl said...

Woe! That's bad news about the car. The Car Talk guys who used to be on NPR gave good advice on the subject that stuck with me. Could you buy a more reliable car for $1300? If not, then your money is better spent on the repairs.

Murphy Jacobs said...

You'll have to take a hug on account until November, sweetcheeks.

Jay and I ask ourselves that question each time the van goes in for repairs -- which is worse, the repair bills (plus time and aggravation) or car payments? When that tips, we bite the bullet and look for a new car. There's nothing quite as bleah as 1) being stuck somewhere due to a breakdown 2) getting into an accident because of car failure.

Being a grown up sucks much of the time, don't it?

Jammies said...

The car has now been repaired for much less than $1300, and I am grateful for friends who support me and determined not to freak out when I get news that might be bad.

Rob Pearson said...

Glad Amos is improved. And yes,I wish tramadol worked as well for me, too. At least I have confirmation it does actually do something. Mornings like this, I wonder.