Saturday, August 24, 2013

All Hail Rusty!

That would be the owner of the auto shop where I got my second opinion this morning.  It's also the auto shop where I got both my brakes and my exhaust fixed for under $300.  I had to move some money out of savings, but I saved a thousand bucks I didn't have, so I feel like I came out ahead.

Also, note to self--have Steve do your oil changes, but never trust him with an estimate for anything more complicated!


Rob Pearson said...

Glad you found an honest mechanic. Truly, they do exist, but they do seem few and far between, plus, some who are honest can’t seem to stay that way when dealing with a female; they'll quote SWMNBN one price and me another if we show up on different days. Although that may just be a Southern thing.

Jammies said...

In all fairness, he might just be the kind of guy who believes in doing the whole job rather than trying shortcuts first. With a 16 year old car, I am all about the shortcuts. :D