Tuesday, February 14, 2012

She loves me, yeah, yeah, yeah, BLECH!

Valentine's Day is bad enough when it's a daylong reminder that I am a rejected spinster, but it didn't help that my first Valentine of the day was a dead mouse from the dog at oh-dark-hundred!

Oh, well, at least my nails looked pretty and we had a yummy lunch at work, complete with vegan strawberry cake and pitas and homemade snack mix. Of course afterwards, instead of napping my way out of a food coma, I had to help Mom with trial prep, but TANSTAAFL, right?

Happy Valentines to everyone!


Sherri said...

You are not a REJECTED spinster. I, for one, am very accepting of your spinster status because it means when I visit I get your undivided attention. Plus jay makes bacon for you, which you must accept as a sign of true love.

And you know how I feel about dead mice so we shan't go there.

(I am back to half a voice, which might last as long as 15 minutes..whoo progress!)

Did I tell you we have made Hogfather part of our holiday movie watching tradition? It comes right after White Christmas.

Jammies said...

Yay for half a voice, and thank you both for the love and the bacon. :)

And I am glad I turned you on to Hogfather!

nicole said...

Valentines day is overrated! I just saw a comment you left on my site, just wanted to let you know I didn't' forget about cha!