Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long, long ago,

my mother asked me what I wanted for my 30th birthday.

"Excitement. Adventure. Rubies the size of pigeon's eggs." I answered.

My parents got me a lawnmower.

These days, my mom just starts accumulating things on our shopping trips year-round, and wraps them up, either for my birthday or Christmas, and gives them to me on the appropriate day.

I've never stopped wishing for non-practical birthday gifts, but I stopped telling my parents.

This year, Dad was very excited about the early birthday present he picked out and purchased. In fact, he was so excited, he brought it over a full three weeks early.

It's a weed-whacker. With a bonus leaf blower.

Love you, Dad.


Sherri said...

I work very hard to give you non-practical gifts :) I'll see if I can ramp it up a bit.

Jammies said...

*l* You do VERY well at non-practical gifts, better than I do!

Mike S said...

Can you ask your parents if they would like to adopt a 49 year old?

Jammies said...

Mike, is that because you need a lawnmower?

Becs said...

I asked for real estate when I was 14. There was an acre at a freeway cloverleaf and I wanted it. Didn't get it.

I asked for a sewing machine. I got a television instead.

I asked for size 14 clothes. I got 12s instead.

Then I stopped asking.

Mike S said...

LOL actually i do - but there is something about your parents that i absolutely love....

Jammies said...

Becs, even when I don't ask, I get a leaf blower and a weed-whacker.

Mike, I love them too, fortunately.