Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The National Weather Service synthesized voice

simply cannot manage to say 'Cuyahoga Falls' in a manner that comes close to sounding human. Nonetheless, I have managed to accustom myself to the sounds that mean the name of my city when tornados are involved, and at about 7:40 tonight, I put my bra and work clothes back on, grabbed my cell phone, the charger, my charm bracelet, Gramma's charm bracelet, the BPAL and the dog and headed for the basement.

On top of a day when I'd been in pain from a ripped-off toenail, balanced three accountings and found out that one of our clients has metastized lung cancer, a tornado warning was almost the last thing I needed. The very last thing I needed was to be in the basement during a tornado warning with a dog having diarrhea from stress or eating who knows what while she was outside earlier. Aargh.

Oh, yes, and when I got upstairs, I discovered the garage had flooded, because yesterday's high winds had brought down a shedload of maple keys and the rain had washed them all on top of the driveway drain, blocking it. I'm sure I have some unspecified ick in my toenails from wading in the overflow to clear the drain.

Anyway, I'm fine, Mom and Dad are fine, the dog appears to be empty, and Yahoo describes the tornados as 'weak' so hopefully nobody I care about is hurt or homeless tonight.


Zayrina said...

Holy crap is that spam in your blog?

Sherri said...

That is definite blog-ick in your comments. Strong fungicide designed for apsm is needed.

As for the tornadoes -- I wish I had a basement. Or a room made of something besides matchsticks and drywall.

Poor Lil' Miss (and poor Jammies for having to deal with Lil' Miss stress results!)

Sherri said...

"apsm"? It looked like S P A M when I TYPED it. I swear!

Romantic Heretic said...

Glad you're safe, Jammies.

Jammies said...

Z, not anymore.

Sherri, no need for apsmicide, just the delete button. :) And you know that letters move around between typing and posting--it happens to me more and more as I age!

Hi Rob!

Thanks to all of you for the good wishes. <3