Friday, November 14, 2008

Freudian shirt

Yesterday, we had a company-wide teleconference wherein we heard phrases like "Opening new facilities in India and Asia," "We're not outsourcing jobs" and "We hope to avoid involuntary job loss."


This morning at work, I was a little chilly, so I grabbed the wrap I keep at work. As I threw it around my shoulders, I thought, "This does not go with my shirt."




Ohmydog, I'm wearing a red shirt!


Sherri said...


You are not expendable. Just don't volunteer for any away missions.

rogue said...

O_O Scotty wore a redshirt, too. And he came back from all of his away missions! Engineers and jammies are not expendable.

Sherri said...

Jammies, start faking that Scottish accent NOW!

Jay said...

You look great in red! Embrace it!

smason357 said...

Phasers on stun!

Romantic Heretic said...

Took me a few seconds to realize the joke.

Sigh. I guess I have to turn in my Trekkie card.

Not to worry, Jammies. Your company will find that your work has to be done in English and change their minds. ;)

Becs said...

Burn it! Now!

Severina said...

I'd say stay away from the transporter and the engine room.

The Mad Tatter said...

Somebody's pants are on fire! They've been outsourcing jobs for a while now...screw setting the phasers to stun...shoot to kill.