Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Almost there!

Five working days until our fourth quarter hell is over.

Eight calendar days until ImpBelTurkeyFest.

I ran around like the proverbial headless chicken (shut UP, Mike) after work tonight, gathering items for the lunch I'm bringing in for my team tomorrow. I did this last year and it went over well, and I think it helps ease the stress a little bit. Since most of our books have to be built by Friday, I'd have done lunch then, but three of my colleagues have Fridays off or work from home, so I'm doing it on Thursday. I've got a giant deli platter from BJ's, four kinds of bread from what my dad insists on calling "the used bread store," pretzel crisps and pita chips and a salad.

Hopefully, I won't leave for work in the morning and forget the food!

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Romantic Heretic said...

Say hi to Imp and Bel for me. :)