Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Hogswatch!

The Hogfather does not leave pork products in my stocking, but family and friends were awfully good to me this year!  I had a home-cooked brunch with family, and got the following:

5 pairs of socks (I am truly loved!)
1 pair of handmade mittens
3 gorgeous artisanal candles
A frog keychain
4 books
Christmas ornament earrings
4 Lush bath bars/bubble bombs
Purple fleece jammies
A box of awesome candy from a local chocolatier
A pretty tone-on-tone grey pashmina
A purse made from a man's suit
2 containers of my SIL's homemade cookies


Murphy Jacobs said...

We are holding off with our yearly viewing of Hogfather because my neighbor has just discovered Discworld this year and wants to see it, but she has kids and just hasn't had time. Tomorrow is the day!

Jammies said...

Hooray for inducting a new member of the Cult of Small Gods! ;-)

♡Bubbly Melody♡ said...

How nice of them to think of you! If you are ever in need of some advice, be sure to drop a visit on my blog,

If you think my advice is good, be sure to recommend my blog to others!

Thank you!