Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Did I miss a holiday?

Because it appears that today is Try to Kill Your Pack Leader Day.  First Zeus uses chemical warfare on Mallie and this morning Mouse made me fall.  

As you know if you read this blog regularly, Mouse is a 14 year old yellow Lab.  He's got severe arthritis in his hips and back legs, and lately he can't climb up the two concrete steps that lead to the back door.  I've been going out and helping him back in while looking for a good, reliable ramp that doesn't cost a fortune.  

This morning, I let Mouse out, and ten minutes later walked out to let him in.  I was behind him, not really doing anything other than bracing him against a backward fall when in a sudden burst of energy, he surged up and over both stairs and into the house, and I fell forward.  I'm not entirely sure where my feet were, because I've been having sporadic episodes of MS foot drop.  I landed on my hands and one knee, so now I have bruises on the heels of both hands, some nice road rash on my leg and an knee that screams at me when I ask it to support my weight.  Oh, and my shoulders hurt like hell.

Could we please consign this holiday to the circular file?


Murphy Jacobs said...

Oh Mouse!

Between them, they are out to get us. Zeus has a new tactic -- he walks into my room, farts, and then leaves.

He's lucky I love him. Of course, he learned this from Jay. They are both lucky I love them.

Jammies said...

Bigfoot used to do that too.

They're all lucky we love them too much to turn them into rugs.

Anonymous said...

So apparently, Mouse is not a service dog. Your fall sounds painful - hope you heal quickly. Love the name of your blog!