Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Noisy Butt Mutt

I don't know anything about the first six months of Little Miss Piggie Pie's life.  She was only a baby when she was dumped at a shelter three days after Christmas and 7 months after her birth.  But judging from her performance the last three evenings, I have to conclude that she was forced to watch endless streaming marathons of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Every evening after dinner, a cute little brown bunny hops up near the house, and nibbles on the wild strawberries and crabgrass that pretend to be my lawn.  Personally, as long as little brown bunny is not eating my plants, I'm content to live and let live.  Little Miss Piggie Pie, on the other hand, wants little brown bunny to GO AWAY and she is not shy about yelling this over and over again in Dog.  Little brown bunny somehow knows that Little Miss Piggie Pie can't get to him, and he is utterly unmoved by her noise.

Either that, or he's deaf.

Or he really does have nasty, big, pointy teeth.

Whatever, the bunny is having more relaxing evenings than I am. :P


Murphy Jacobs said...

Bunny is no worried. LMPP is protecting you because bunny is dangerous. See? Bunny! BUNNY!

Zeus protects us from squirrels. Noisily, especially in the car.

Jammies said...

Yes, the tiny little rodents are the MOST dangerous threats to life and limb ever. We would be dead without our Protectors.