Sunday, July 24, 2011

This was supposed to be a week in review post

but it's been miserably hot here, our air-conditioning at work is broken, and I am just a tired, miserable slug. If you're still reading this blog, thank you, and one day I hope to return.

In the same vein, by the time I come home from work, I could boil things in my bra!


One day last week I drove home behind an ice cream truck with two sagging tires on the right, which caused the whole vehicle to list, and a thin stream of blue smoke trickling out of the exhaust pipe on the left. First time I've ever seen a vehicle that had had a stroke!


Romantic Heretic said...

Been deadly here too, Jammies. I finally live in a place with A/C. It's so much more pleasant than the last place I lived.

No psycho roommates either.

nicole said...

That was a nice clip! And I'm in Louisiana. So, yes it is very hot down here in the boot.

Jammies said...

Rob, yay for both of those things!

Nicole, I would just plain die in Louisiana, so I'm glad you're surviving and that you liked the clip.