Sunday, July 18, 2010

George and Alabaster go to a game

Friday night, Mom and I took my nephews to an Akron Aeros game. While the younger was more interested in the junk food, the elder has played baseball and explained quite a bit of the game to his little brother.

The Aeros played well, they trounced the Erie Seawolves 8-1, the weather was great for anyone who doesn't have MS-induced heat intolerance, Canal Park is a small jewel, we had seats just to the left of home plate and the fireworks were spectacular. Gramma bought nachos, popcorn, slushies, cotton candy and ice cream, while Auntie Pam bought giant foam claws. I'd say the boys had a pretty good time, and I know I did.


Zayrina said...

I love minor league baseball games.

I hate heat too though, and am very intolerant sans MS.

Jammies said...

We actually had good seats for the averagely heat-intolerant, because the whole time the sun was out, we were in the shade. My mother, who doesn't sweat and was born with ice water in her veins, kept talking about how refreshing it was. Ptui!