Thursday, July 08, 2010

Dear Princess Mathgeek and Tinkerbell,

Thank you for the beautiful cards and my wonderful birthday present. Two weeks ago, when my company was here, we went to Beachwood mall, and saw exactly those duckies in the Swarovski store. I thought how adorable and sparkly they were, but didn't get one for myself. This was a perfect present.

Thank you again,

Aunt Jammies


Becs said...

Did you know Swarovski is in Newark, NJ?

Happy, happy b'day, btw.

Becs said...

PS - In Jersey, Newark is pronounced "Nurk".

In Delaware, it is said "New Ark".

Romantic Heretic said...

Happy Birthday, Jammies. *HUGS*

Jammies said...

No, Becs, I didn't know either of those things! And thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

Thanks, Rob. *HUGS*