Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ded Skwerl, a Photo Essay

For Tramp, with much love:

It started with a toy I got at Ross, a plushy dog toy with no stuffing:

I broke the "No toys with faces" rule because it was an evil squirrel, and handed it over as soon as I got unpacked:

It was received with much interest:

Followed by immediate denning under the kitchen table:

Enthusiastic chewing:

My hard heart was immune to pity:

But not to pride in my girl:

Who now wants to know what the next toy will be:


Romantic Heretic said...

Just way too cute, Jammies. :D

Linda said...

you are my dear friend, and I love you .... but skwerl's are NOT evil. Else why would I feed them??? :-)

Jammies said...

Yes, Rob, and she knows it!

Linda, I love you too, but you are deluded by those tree rats and far too soft-hearted, that's why you feed them!