Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Kickin' tushie and taking names...

That's what my mom was doing today! Not kicking ass, because Mom doesn't swear (much). Yesterday, she spent most of the day trying to keep a client from shooting himself in the foot (and mostly failing, because the client's an idiot). Today was a much different story.

First thing she did was go to court much more prepared than opposing counsel, and since she was the one who had the support calculations all ready, the magistrate accepted her numbers.

Then she made a reluctant payee cough up the $7 court fee they've been stonewalling us on for two months.

Then she got one of our Wards to accept a temporary solution to a problem he's having when I couldn't even get him to listen to me.

Finally, she got VL to sit down and eat her birthday cake, which nobody could get her to do yesterday.

Way to go, Mom, you rock.

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The Mad Tatter said...

That's why moms rule!