Sunday, May 02, 2010

Four basil plants,

Three lavender,
Two cherry tomatoes
And a chocolate mint plant.

Yes, Cochran's, aka Temptation Nursery, is open, and I went today and spent $21 for the above. I have now filled all the gaps in what I hope will someday be my lavender hedge along the driveway, and filled a hanging pot with chocolate mint and peppermint. I have room in the planter for four more basil plants, and the cherry tomatoes are temporarily residing on the stoop in front of the breezeway, until we're past the danger of frost.

On the down side, last year's neglect of the garden and lack of mulching has led to an absolute mess this year. The only part of the back yard that actually looks good is the lamium right by the back door. *sigh*

Oh well, there is a three-day weekend coming up, so hopefully I can get my mulch money together before then.


Sherri said...

The woodruff and the violets we got at Temptation Nursery are still going strong :) The violas didn't make it though the winter. DO they still have the cute kitties there?

I need to get you down here to go through Zone 7. AIGH! Not the cheapest nursery, but the one the most full of temptation in this area.

Mike S said...

does this mean my return?


Basil F. Zackerly