Sunday, June 07, 2009

Silver and gold, silver and gold

Silver and gold, silver and gold
Dude, this stuff is ug-leee
Silver and gold wallpaper
Is gone from my li-brar-eee!

Just a little reminder from me to me about why all my books are in boxes, my house is a wreck, my neck hurts and my hands are wrinkly old-lady hands tonight:


There will be "after" pictures when there is an after, but first there will be a wee paws in transmissions from KJAMZ, as my computer will need to be disconnected and moved this weekend. It is possible but not probable that Dad will have my new-to-me laptop ready by then, so my few readers should be prepared for radio silence.


Jay said...

oooh, so that means there will be a library tour when we visit Casa de Jammies in July?

Sherri said...

Good gravy on a stick, I hate that wallpaper. I have a violent aversion to that wallpaper.

You should keep a strip as a bookmark for Interior Desecrations.

Jammies said...

Jay, the library isn't really big enough to tour, but you're welcome to ooh and ahhhh at it.

Sherri, the Wallpaper of Ebil will still be in the hall, mostly because I haven't decided on a color yet, sorry.

Scott said...

Wow, your library looks like a library or a book store. My library just looks like a thrift store that's about to be shut down due to fire code violations.

Romantic Heretic said...

Should be a bit of a shock when I see your place in July. ;)

Canuck Girl said...

I think wallpaper is evil. I have a date to strip more in our new house (I've only finished removing it from the Mango grove) and I am procrastinating by marking 60 bad essays on Romeo and Juliet.

Mike S said...

Come on - i used to have a pair of pants that looked just like that wallpaper....

(ok no one ever said i knew how to dress properly)