Monday, February 25, 2008

Giggle of the Day

BPAL story:

So on Sunday, I tried the imp of Vampire from Planet X that HLsquishymama sent me. About a minute after application, I started sneezing so hard you'd think I had a ragweed salad with goldenrod dressing for breakfast. I had to take off my clothes and wash them and take a shower because alcohol wipes didn't work.

My mom (FlannelJammies) called while I was in the shower, so I called her back, still sneezing a bit. She asked what was wrong, was I getting a cold, and I said no, I was reacting to a perfume.

FlannelJammies, alarmed, "What was in there?"

Me, disappointed, "Dragon's blood."

FlannelJammies, in a slightly exasperated tone, "Pamela."


"Dragons are not real."


Anonymous said...


Wonderful! thanks for making my night since I was just grumping at the fact I can't sleep.

Sherri said...



I hope you did inform her that it's really a tree resin...then again, it might be more fun to argue with her.

"Are too!"

Jammies said...

Can't sleep owing to some wedding nerves, Otter? Don't worry, she won't leave you at the altar, no matter what I say to her. ;-)

Sherri, can you hear it, too? The tone of her voice was what made it so funny.

Oh, and dragon's blood can be resin from any of four different plants--I only react badly to one. Of course, I never know which one is in a BPAL blend until the sneezing starts...

Sherri said...

the only dragon's blood I personally have met is in a little bag probably in the storage unit Up There, and it's these expensive nuggets of incense that don't really have that much smell. The only cinnabar I've ever met was the Estee Lauder perfume (my once upon a time favorite).

One day I will break out my Woodbaby griffin puppet and see how long before she's talking to it ;)