Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend To-Do List

Updated Saturday, 11/26/16

1.   Be thankful.  Doing that all day, for my family, my friends, my dog, my job, that there are books and food and music in my life.

2.   Take out compost.  Once, plus washed out the sink-side container and have started a box for floor sweepings and plant trimmings.  

3.   Take out recyclables.  I made two trips out on Thursday and one on Friday, and then took the container out.  After the pickup I realized I still had a bagful of stuff from work, so I went out and got the bin and re-filled it halfway.

4.   Load dishwasher, run dishwasher, unload, load.  I'll probably run it once more tomorrow night.

5.   Scan and e-mail stuff to Mom.  Done, despite an elderly and cranky printer

6.   Make my bed. Every single day, yay me!

7.   Make the dog's bed.  Also every single day, so another yay!

8.   Fold and put away clean clothes. Done, but will have to do it again tomorrow night after laundry morning at Mom's.

9.   Hang up and put away other clean clothes. Same as #8

10. Clear off flat surfaces. Didn't get done. :-(

11. Clean said flat surfaces.  Didn't get done. :-(

12. Hook up Magic Jack and call Scary Bear. Didn't get done. :-( But if I clean off the desk, maybe he can do it while he's waiting for the washing machine... }:)

13. Buy washing machine.  Got a great buy on an Electrolux from HH Gregg, and they surprised me by saying it will be delivered on Tuesday, which is too soon.  When I called to reschedule, the CSR told me my order had been cancelled and if I attempted to place it again it would be cancelled again and I should go to the store.  Ugh.

14. Get all plants in from the garage.  All 28 of them.  Ouch.

15. Get all plants arranged in house.  I've got one spider plant I don't have room for and am loath to toss onto the compost because it's healthy, damnit!

16. Go water-walking.  Gave this up in lieu of getting plants in and the breezeway semi-tidied because I am hoping Dad will be here to let the washing machine people in.


Murphy Jacobs said...

So far, I have vacuumed and picked up the living room, and not a damn thing else :)

There is a possibility of visiting you next year -- all will depend upon whether Jay is presenting at a conference, but I thought I'd dangle the If Bunny in front of you. You'd get to see both of us and Zeus (which, if LMPP is unhappy with that, we can find a hotel) and I'd stay with you while Jay was conferencing a few hours away from Cuyahoga Falls. I'm not sure of the dates as yet, because he hasn't been actually accepted for the conference, but it's there as potential. So, you are warned :D

Jammies said...

That is not a warning, it's an intimation of joy to come! :twirls:

Murphy Jacobs said...

Further news -- would be end of May/start of June. Chances are good Jay will be accepted (it is a conference he does every year) but not 100%. Since we'd be driving up, I'm trying to squeeze an extra day into everything. More news as I know more :)

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