Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bordeaux to Britain Day 2, 4/25/16

Mom and I got up when the hotel called on Monday morning, ate a quick breakfast with 4 demitasse sized cups of coffee each, then waited in the lobby for our bus to the airport.  Despite the fact that the hotel was part of a service plaza on the freeway, there had been two weddings the night before, and we got to see a very large group of Italians gather in the lobby, talking and gesticulating.  Their tour bus arrived before our bus did, and the lobby seemed very quiet after they left.  We got to the airport, along with B and W, in plenty of time to clear security and catch our flight to Bordeaux.  It was a short flight, just a little over an hour, but the snack was a cup of water in a container that looked like a pudding cup and a slice of vanilla poundcake with a heart-shaped center of chocolate poundcake.

At the Bordeaux airport, we had to wait a bit for our taxi to the ship, but we got to see a yellow Lab sniffing luggage for contraband or bombs.  By the time our taxi came, I asked the driver if we could stop at a drugstore on the way, as my ankle was really hurting and I'd realized I'd forgotten my Prilosec.  He was nice enough to stop, and I got some Paracetemol and generic Prilosec.  It was interesting how few medications were available over the counter, and in fact the pharmacist told me that if I were French, I'd need a prescription for the Prilosec, but because I am American, she would sell it to me.  Thank goodness!  And French omeprazole works exactly like the American stuff. :-D

My camera was still at the bottom of my carryon, but Bordeaux is a very pretty and interesting mix of old buildings and new, and the sun was shining, so we all enjoyed the ride.  The driver let us off at the docks, and we had a bit of a hike to the ship, but once we got there, I was delighted to see we were docked next to a dog park.  I sat on the balcony and watched dogs play for a bit, and got a picture of this handsome pup:

Then I turned my camera to the street opposite the dog park and took a picture of a gorgeous building:

I don't know if that building still functions as a stock exchange or if it's been re-purposed, but it was certainly lovely.

After watching the puppies play, I took a nap and Mom read, then we went to dinner, skipping the captain's reception because neither of us had packed a cocktail dress and heels.  Dinner was served at 7:30, but we were so far north that it was light past 9:30.  That led to an error on both our parts of having coffee after dinner, and Mom didn't sleep that well.  The ship left port at 8:00, so we got to watch the landscape change to seascape as we ate a delicious meal, including an incredible dessert which was made of equal parts coffee meringue, caramel and ice cream.

At Dad's request, we'd paid for internet access, but it wasn't working that night, so we brushed our teeth and went to bed without e-mailing him.  I do very much like sleeping on ships, and the bed was lovely, but the room was SO warm that around 3 I woke up sweating and Mom was awake and warm too, so I opened the balcony door and went back to sleep.

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