Thursday, February 18, 2016

By the numbers

Attorneys I've dealt with this week:

Passive-aggressive, 2
Patronizing, 1
Argumentative, 3
Determined to re-write a previous discussion, 1
Funny, 2
Charming, 2
Irritating poser, 1
Failure who tried to go over my head, 1
Lying sack of weasel shit, 1
Irritating because they're filing stuff at 3:59, 2

Members of the public I've dealt with this week:

Sweet and sad, 1
Slightly odd, 1
Loud but adorable, 2
Loud and argumentative, 1
Prone to empty promises, 1
Bat-shit crazy, 2
Just did not understand, 1

But thankfully, unlike last week, no one screamed at our chief magistrate so loudly that 4 people pushed their panic buttons.

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