Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Spirit, spoons and shortness

The day after Christmas last year, I bought 150 plastic ornaments with the intention of decorating the two evergreens outside my breezeway.  This year, I dawdled and procrastinated until December 21, when I finally bought ornament hangers and got out in cold and damp and decorated.

I ran out of spoons before I ran out of ornaments, and I knew that climbing up on a ladder at that point was A Bad Idea, so I put everything away.  I took today off work, so this morning after a quick grocery run, I got the ladder out.

Guess what?  Even with a 7-foot ladder, I'm too short to reach the top of the taller tree.  I've got blisters because I'm allergic to evergreens, sore shoulders from reaching over my head, and the decorations aren't quite perfect, but I'm still pleased.

I decorated something for Christmas for probably the first time in seven or eight years!


Rob Pearson said...

I like that. I've always wanted to decorate trees outdoors, too, but have to settle for an indoor tree and a mantle that looks like I'm a Voodoo king, only with Santa as my patron instead of Legba and his crew.

Jammies said...

Thank you, Rob! And I'd love to see pictures of your mantel. :)