Sunday, January 05, 2014

When in doubt, make a list

I've been terrible about updating this blog, so here's what's happened since Thanksgiving:

  • I bought new tires for the car at the beginning of December.

  • I drove to Columbus and back for Christmas Day, and had a great time aside from discovering that my car heat wasn't working.

  • My nephews and my SIL loved their presents, I'm not sure about my dad and my brother, and Mom was unsurprised by hers but happy with it.

  • On the Friday after Christmas I took my car in and discovered the heater core needed to be flushed, the thermostat was bad and there was an oil leak somewhere.  I paid $250 to have it fixed.

  • On the Saturday after New Year's, I bought a new-to-me car.  It's a 2013 Ford Escape that had 9800 miles on it and a reasonable price and the dealership was offering 1.9% financing.   While I could have done without another white car, the red and blue ones both had at least twice the miles on them and the same price.  

  • Now I have to sell the Saturn and try to get at least my money back on the tires and the heater work.  Oddly enough, nobody seems to be in the market for a 17 year old car with an oil leak. 'Magine that!

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