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Disney Adventure Day 6, December 26, 2012 (Cozumel, Mexico)

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Everyone except Dad and me went on a catamaran/snorkeling/beach party excursion, so I decided this would be my day to explore the ship looking for all of the interactive paintings.  Using the map provided by the Midship Detective Agency, I started on deck 10 at the front of the ship, and walked down the stairs to all of the interactive pictures on the even-numbered decks at the front of the ship.  Of course, being me, I started in the maintenance/cleaning area of deck 10 and was politely but firmly ushered out to the stairs. *blush* 

After that, I was a good little passenger and stayed to the proper staircases!  I found all of the interactive pictures, and although I did like the castle and ship shooting at each other from opposite paintings, my favorite is still the interactive map on Deck 5.  I also found the stateroom door of Pepe, the king prawn, and behind me someone squealed “Eee, is that Pepe’s door?”  I turned around and said yes, it was, to the wife of a couple standing behind me.  She was so excited, but her husband didn’t know who Pepe is, and when his wife and I explained it, he asked if I was a teacher and I said, “No, I’m a geek.”   Then I walked to the back of the boat, took the elevator to 9 and walked down that staircase, finding more interactive pictures.


When I got back to my stateroom, I ordered a Caesar salad and pepperoni pizza from room service.  Of course it arrived just as Dad woke up from his nap and asked if I wanted to go to lunch with him.  I told Dad I was eating in the room, and then ate half the salad and all of the pizza and finished my book.  It had started to rain, so I watched the rain for a bit, then saw the catamarans start to come in, and then took a nap. 

When I woke up, everyone was back and had eaten lunch.  Mom said they’d had a really good time, although the rain started when they were on the beach and she couldn’t get warm.  She was cold all through dinner, which was pirate-themed.  Our host had left pirate kerchiefs in our rooms, and all of us wore them, although Dad and Jeeves cheated by using them as pocket squares.  We were, however, absolutely drab next to all the people who’d brought or bought seriously pirate-themed clothing.  Dinner was great, and I managed both to have dessert (angelfood cake with strawberry glaze) and a drink and not get sick.

There were towel dogs in our rooms, and Mom and I put her dog on my bed with mine and put sunglasses and pirate kerchiefs on them.  We were giggling the whole time, and giggled even harder when Dad yelled from his room, “Are you two playing with dolls?”

There was a night-long pirate theme on the ship.  At 8:30, Mickey and friends would fight off a pirate invasion up on the top deck, and at 10:30, there was a pirate party scheduled, followed by fireworks and a midnight buffet.  Mom said she’d come collect me at 10 so we could go up, but the first time she knocked I reminded her that we were on Texas time, not Ohio time. :D 

The second time we did go upstairs, but we didn’t see any other family members, so we walked around the pool (converted to a dance floor) once and then Mom almost got sucked into Muppet Treasure Island on the big screen on the funnel, but it was too windy.  We knocked on the Jeeves-Margo door when we got back, and also ran into Bookworm Mathgeek heading out to check on her laundry.  Mom and I said we were fading and Annabel said she was too.  Captain Crossword and the girls were off seeing Wreck-It Ralph 3D and the boys were at the tween club, so Mom and I headed back to our rooms.  I did stop by the fast-food cafĂ© and get a slice of bbq chicken pizza in lieu of the midnight buffet.

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