Sunday, January 08, 2012

New stuff all over the place!

I had asked for a new digital camera for Christmas, so yesterday Dad took me on an expedition to get one. He'd done all of his research and had it narrowed down to three cameras, but decided after we started shopping that only the Nikon CoolPix S9100 would do. So we went to a small chain of NE Ohio camera shops called Dodd Camera in Fairlawn, only to discover that while the website said they had a 9100 in stock, the store computer said they had one in stock, and they had the box, they didn't have the camera! The sales associate tried to interest us in a different Nikon, but Dad asked him to call the Medina store and see if they had one. The SA said he got the fax machine when he called, and told Dad there wasn't a map on the website. Dad asked for and got permission to come around the counter and found and printed a map, and took the Medina store's number.

I have to think that the SA didn't want us going to another store, because as soon as we were in the car, I called the number, got an associate there, and had him set aside their last red 9100. I also got excellent directions from him, and although I hate driving in Medina with all their damn one-way streets, we made it and got the camera. Dad also got the auxiliary kit, which included a spare battery and a mini tripod. After stops at Advanced Auto Parts and Office Max, we headed back to my house, but went to Arby's because Dad was hungry. He treated me to either a very late lunch or a very early dinner, which we ate sitting on the breezeway. Mom called while we were eating and was not pleased that Dad had forgotten she was cooking dinner!

After Dad was done, he set up my new Acer netbook he got for me, and then he talked my brother through some computer problems, then we played with the camera and then Dad left. Aside from the fact that I was a little peeved by his being half an hour late, we really had a great day.

So the new stuff so far is a new red camera and a new black netbook. However, there is one more new and important change coming for me, I hope, on Friday. No, it's not a new job, it's a second dog.

I debated whether I was going to mention this at all, because I'm so afraid I will jinx things, but I'm too excited to shut up. It looks as if I will be fostering an elderly yellow Lab whose current owner can't keep him. If all goes well, I will pick him up on Friday and bring him home. So everyone, please cross your fingers for us as you go through your week!


Zayrina said...

Heady times!

Sam Reeves said...

My wife has a Coolpix, and it has become a permanent addition to her purse essentials. The pictures are really good too. Hope to see some of yours soon.

Jammies said...

Z, Labs will always and forever make me think of you.

Sam, if you can stand anything so very girly, I took today's nail polish pictures over on the beauty blog with the S9100.

Sam Reeves said...

Good pictures! I really like the Blue Year's Eve (although without reading, I would have called it electric blue). My wife would like it too. She also does the each-nail-a-different-color thing.

Jammies said...

Thanks, Sam! And the each-nail-a-different-color-thing is called Skittles, for obvious reasons.