Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why bush babies shouldn't drive

Last Sunday was bad, what with falling hard on my butt onto iced-up concrete and a few other small disasters, Monday was worse with a tough workday which ended with the discovery that at some point I'd lost the left lens out of my glasses and failed to notice until I went to put them on to drive home.

I managed to get through Tuesday and Wednesday without killing myself or anyone else, and made a Thursday appointment for an eye exam. It had been two years since my last exam, so I was due anyway. The good news was that my right eye hadn't changed, only my left was a bit worse. That was good both because it was the left lens I needed replaced and because my right eye is my dominant eye, so I was okay to use my old glasses for a couple of days. I had a nice chat with the receptionist about knitting, and was about to leave when she commented that my eyes were still dilated and maybe someone should come get me. I assured her I didn't have far to go, and left.

Usually, when I have an eye appointment, it is in January or February, and every appointment I've had until now has been on an overcast or full-on snowy day. Thursday was different. It was sub-freezing cold but brilliantly sunshiny, and in the four minutes it took me to drive less than a mile home, I was in acute pain. I had intended to measure the distance between my pupils so I could get a spare pair or two of glasses from Zenni, but when I looked in the mirror, I didn't even see irises, my eyes were all pupil and I looked like a bush baby. So I took a nap. Two hours later my eyes still hadn't gone back to normal, so I did some desultory knitting, ate dinner, had a bath and went to bed early.

Happily, my replacement lens was done on Friday, so I will be ordering my spare pair(s) soon. Plus, Mom paid for a nice lunch for all of us yesterday, and we had an enjoyable hour, so the week ended much better than it began.


Sherri said...

MIL gave me new glasses as my Christmas/Birthday present -- got sunglasses (no more super cool expensive Designer frames *sigh*), replaced lenses in the pair I had, and, most importantly, got a spare pair for which I will get clip-on dark lenses. No new readers this time -- I think I will have plenty of trouble keeping up with 4 pairs of glasses as is. (GAH!)

Lucky for me, the doctor didn't need to dilate my eyes. He said they were dilated enough on their own.

Also -- got 'em at Costco. maybe not the largest selection of frames ever, but about 1/2 the price in town, which is why I got the spare pair. The cats will have to work twice as hard now to hide my glasses.

Jay said...

I hope your butt has recovered from the collision with the icy concrete!

Sue Shepherd said...

How about joining some other MS curmudgeons?

Falls on ice count towards the owie of the month award.

Jammies said...

Aw, bummer, no more 1950s starlet Sherri. :( But glad you have new glasses!

Jay, yes, I believe my butt is better.

Sue, you already know what my response is. ;)