Sunday, September 19, 2010

Halloween Houses!

Flannel Jammies made a wonderful find at the craft store last week--Halloween gingerbread house kits. She bought two, and I put them together last night. In addition to the gumdrops and candy corn that came with the house, I had picked up Peeps ghosts, candy bats and candy skulls & bones, plus orange and black striped icing and green and black striped icing. I found the Peeps, bats and icing at the craft store, and deliberately went looking for the skull & bones candy because JenJen had sent me some in a recent decant package.

The Awesome Nacho and SuperDoughnut were spending the weekend with Mom and Dad, so this morning I went out to see the boys and decorate the houses. Plaid Jammies was in one of his worst scary-bear moods. I don't know what was wrong with him, but he was one big crankypants all morning. The four of us just ignored him, and the boys and I got to work.
Every year, they get better and more creative. This year, they built fences, put ghosts and bats on the ceilings, and just were very creative. They each ate a Peep and a bunch of candy, but the funniest thing was the black drizzle icing that came in the kits. After the boys had splorped it in various places on the house, both of them licked their fingers, which resulted in two very black mouths and tongues and lots of grey teeth!
Here are the adorable results:


sistinas said...

Love the houses and the Peeps ghosts!!! I am now on a mission to find some the next time I go into town. At least I know of one cat that will help me at the peeps.

Anonymous said...

I love the Halloween houses - those are awesome!!! I miss not celebrating Halloween.

Rogue said...

Excellent decorating!