Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Oh, no, not again!

My right big toe was bothering me over the weekend, and it felt as if the nail was growing back. Yesterday morning, I called Dr. Happy Feet and made an appointment for the first thing today. I got all prettied up for work, assuming that Dr. HF would take a look, tell me if I was wrong or right, and if the latter, have me schedule an appointment for fixing it.

Well! That is not at all what happened. When the doc took a look at my toe (after I explained that the discoloration was nail polish I'd missed cleaning off), he said that yes, the nail was growing back. Instead of having me make an appointment, though, he promptly injected me twice with Novocaine, dug out the bit of nail regrowth, and applied Phenol. I am now home, under orders to stay off my feet and keep the right foot elevated as much as possible, while avoiding shoes and stairs for the rest of the day.

I'm also not allowed to go to the pool until maybe after my follow-up appointment next Monday.

Pfui, pfeet.


Sherri said...

It's just so frivolous of you to insist on having TOES. ;)

Becs said...

Mine grew back, too! V annoyed.

Otterboyy said...

Wrap it in Duct Tape and go swimming anyway.

Geesh you girls!

Jammies said...

Sherri, I need toes so I have somewhere to put more nailpolish.

Becs, the treatment for the regrown toenail was fairly wince-inducing. I would not recommend it.

Otter, with that kind of advice, please feel free to call my personal line at 1-800-PISS-OFF. Boys! *eyeroll*