Monday, January 18, 2010

Yay for pasta and the internet

Pasta, because that's all I can eat.

The internet, because that's the only way I can communicate.

The dentist was over two hours of hell this morning, and pain requiring T3 ever since. So instead of boring my few remaining readers and/or grossing people out, I will share adorable doggie pictures!


My brother's dog, Ralphie:


Sherri said...


On the other hand, CUTE PUPPIES!

Scritchy for me!

Romantic Heretic said...

Sending pain killing vibes your way, Jammies.

And cute dogs. :)

Canuck Girl said...

Puppy picts are great...sorry you hurt. How's your Tylenol stash holding up?

Jammies said...

Thanks, everyone! <3

Sherri, done!

Rob, bless you.

The Heather, the supply is holding up well, and two of those definitely helped when I came home yesterday. Down to just ibuprofen today and back to work for my last few days tomorrow.

Mike from Eerie da Honeymooners fan said...

I gotta ask - when your brother calls for your dog does he yell, "Hey Ralphie Boy!" And if so, does he do it in a voice like a famous sewer worker?